Academic Articles on Social Media

This post is not just to spread the word about a few academic articles, but to prompt others to discover and read the new research on social media that is emerging.

1. Using Social Media for Branding in Publishing from the Online Journal of Communications and Media Technologies. T

This article attempted to answer questions of whether social media marketing really does affect how well a product does at market. Secondly, how much does social media affect product purchase? This is a really relevant topic that needs to be researched so I was pleased to see that people are already working on it. I mean, we all say confidently that social media plays a huge part in marketing today, but what facts do we have to back it up?

2. What’s Your Social Media Strategy? from Black Enterprise

This 2010 article is a great place to start for businesses in the wake of discovering their social media strategy, personality, and activity. They make a lot of great suggestions for using various sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger, etc. and have a lot to say about the importance of having a defined strategy. Being that I am starting a new social media marketing job in the next couple of weeks, it was really interesting to me to see what suggestions other people are making.


Okay, that’s two! Now you know they’re out there. Keep researching!!!


Racing for President

I don’t think there is a more accurate term to describe what candidates are using social media for in any election, but especially with the Presidential Election of 2012 .

Social Media=Running a Marathon

AND we’re on the home stretch, folks.

The candidates are down to:

Obama, Paul, Gingrich, Romney, Johnson and Roemer

Picking a Candidate who is leading in social media coverage is difficult to do without a bias because I obviously take my own opinions into consideration when judging their social media actions. Out of the gate I would have said Obama was doing the best job,  hands down. I mean…”hanging out” on Google+ for a Q and A is COOL! However, at this point in the election, I think everyone has amped their game up. As hard as it is for a competitive person like myself to call a tie, I’m pretty sure I’m going to call this a tie. There are things that everyone is doing right and something every candidate is doing better than the others. Overall, I think we’ll just have to wait and see where these next couple of months take us!

Group Project: Social Media Training

A while back, my group in class was instructed to plan the things we would cover in a one day training seminar over Social Media.

Check it out at my classmate Porsche’s blog!

(click here)

Blogger Tools and Tips

Now, I know this is strange coming from a WordPress blog, but a couple of months ago when my Social Media Class Started, Blogger was the site I knew most about.

So, for a little info on Blogger or some reasons on why use it over WordPress, check out this quick Slideshare!

Chris Brogan: Social Media Influencer of the Year

In January, Forbes came out with their Top 50 Social Media Influencers list with non other than Chris Brogan at the top of the list. So just who is Chris Brogan? To me, he’s a social media guru proving that EVERY field has the potential to use social media to grow their business and network reach. He is the president of Human Business Works, a company that coaches organizations and speaks with mostly Fortune 500 and 100 companies about the intersection of business, technology, and media. He is the co-author of Trust Agents, a book that made the top of my summer reading list. On top of that, his blog is in the top 5 of the Advertising Age Power150.

A word from the man himself:

If I ever got the chance to talk to Chris, I have few questions to ask him:

1. Where do you see Facebook, Google+, and MySpace in the next 5 years now that Facebook and Google+ are waring for the top position and MySpace has recently acquired important investors?

2. What social media platform do you find yourself using most frequently?

3. Do you have any other accounts under an alias? ( I think it would be interesting to find out if Chris Brogan needs another form of online expression like most of us.)

Conquering Semester Goals

I feel that I can honestly say I’ve accomplished all of my goals this semester both in and outside of my classes. It wasn’t easy and I wasn’t always sane, but as of today, I know I’ve made it out stronger and with more to show than I had in January. In this class I was hoping to develop a base of experience that would help lock down my qualifications and job prospects as a soon-to-be college graduate. Not only do I feel good about where I am now in reference to that goal, I FEEL GREAT! I have developed a great professional network, found my communications voice, and am on the path to discovering my career. After this class, I plan  on keeping up with this blog and continuing to make a daily effort to grow my social media communications world!!

This is my new and improved social media resume!


Madison J. White

618-263-7554 ˜ ˜  ˜ @madisonjaleigh

Skype: SomeSkypeName ˜





Creative, engaged, and effective social media guru. Proficient in all major social media communication sites and programs. Up-beat fast learner with potential to conquer any of your social media needs. Proficient writer professionally and creatively. Organized, interested, and self-motivated. Project and goal-oriented student who lives for challenge and connection.



—  Blogger

—  WordPress

—  TypePad


—  LinkedIn

—  Facebook

—  MySpace

—  Flickr

—  Twitter

—  YouTube


—  StumbleUpon

—  Google and related tools (Analytics, etc.)



Work Experience


Wabash Valley College, Mt. Carmel, IL —

Social Media and Recruitment Manager, Jan 2010 to September

Created, designed, and managed social media sites.

—  Reported directly to President

—  Created social media sites and integrated them into daily business practices.

—  Planned, advertised for, and oversaw all recruitment events

—  Used social media as a tool for recruitment for enrollment and to get students involved in activities

—  Responded to all questions and interactions the sites received, growing reputation and network reach of the college.





Middle Tennessee State university, Murfreesboro, TN

BA in Organizational Communication, Art Minor, 2013


Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA

Undergraduate Studies, 2008-2009

Getting LinkedIn

At the beginning of this class I decided it was time to get serious about updating my LinkedIn.

Since then, I’ve worked to develop a site that really reflects me as a professional. Possibly the hardest part of that is writing your   Bio or “Summary”.  Currently mine is:

“I believe in compelling others to follow your lead by setting the example, not exercising power. Communication is the basis for every connection and I am dedicated to inspiring others to repair flawed communication practices. Shared beliefs and culture create a basis for dynamic and long-term organizational success. I hope to spend my career helping people find the soul in their work, foster it, and become the success story they deserve to be.

Behind all of this passion, is more passion. I am passionate about self-awareness. I am passionate about challenge. I am passionate about nature and the necessity of it’s presence in our daily lives. I am passionate about SCUBA diving. I am passionate about empowering others. I am passionate about play. I am exceedingly passionate about the theory that lifting others up is the path to being lifted up, yourself.

Most of all, I am dedicated to meaningful connections.”

LinkedIn has a lot to offer than even I haven’t begun to start taking advantage of. So, my tips for LinkedIn users are RESEARCH (surf) and APPLY (interact). Hopefully over the summer I’ll find a lot more time to do the same.

Dream Job

Class asked us to use to search for a dream internship. What did I find?

Social Media Intern at Modcloth

Before this class, I don’t know if I was prepared to take on these responsibilities or even had enough experience to get the job in the first place. I definitely wasn’t any sort of expert, but today, I think I would definitely be a good candidate for the job. I am an educated, engaged, and creative communicator. Really, I think this provided the missing piece for my as an applicant for jobs like this. Hopefully I’ll know soon whether this class really did get me an Internship for Summer 2012!!

SMC Booklist

Given that a lot of what I’m going to be doing this Summer is Social Media related, I plan on reading a few recommended books I’ve found on Amazon and other sites to learn up!

My list so far:

Likeable Social Media: Dave Kerpen

Trust Agents: Chris Brogan

Smart Business, Social Business 

If you have any other Social Media books I HAVE to read, please, do share!


Right about now all of my teachers are asking me to reflect back on everything we’ve learned in the last four months. I really don’t give myself enough credit during the school year for everything I stuff into my brain while still conquering my life outside school.

In the past four months of SMC class, I’ve gone from  know how to use social media to knowing how to utilize social media. Not only did I learn from doing but also from following. All of the social media professionals I’ve been falling for the past couple months as part of coursework has turned into part of my daily networking and learning outside of class. I’ve reconnected with people from jobs past and formed new connections with local entrepreneurs.

Most of all, I’ve developed a new professional and relatable voice. I’ve always been a writer, but I’m finally developing a voice that is as open/expressive as I am in real life as well as knowledgeable  and helpful in my field.

Overall, when I look back on who I was 4 months ago and who I am now….

I am better. 

What more can school give me?